• Consumables Inorganic

    In order to obtain the highest level of performance, we offer to our customers large range of consumables manufactured to our standards to provide the best results for your instrument. For inorganic application LECO offers various reagents, Accelerators/Fluxes, Graphite Crucible, Capsules and Crucibles, Combustion/Reaction Tubes and Glassware, Primary Standards and Calibration Samples, evacuated Samplers and Pin Tubes and other supply.

    Inorganic Consumables
  • Consumables Organic

    Use LECO genuine consumables to achieve the best performance and longevity of your instrument. For organic applications we offer reusable nickel boats , ceramic boats and disposable nickel liner, Tin capsules, Anhydrone, N Catalyst, Lecosorb, Copper Sticks, Quartz Wool Strip, Steel Wool, Glass Wool, Ceramic Boats, Capsules and Crucibles, Combustion/Reaction Tubes and Glassware, Certified Standards and Calibration Samples, and many other supply.

  • Consumables Metallography

    Purchasing the highest quality consumables at the most affordable price is the fundamental goal

    of all instrumentation users. Waste range of LECO metallography consumables includes among others: abrasive cutting wheels and blades for sectioning machines; bakelites, epoxies resines and thermoplastic powders for mounting , diamond-grinding and silicon carbide abrasive discs and belts for grinding; polishing cloths and compounds; hardness testers accessories and many other supply.