Consumables Organic Consumables for Elemental Analyzers in Organic Materials


Reference Cards

Reference Cards offer exploded views of individual instruments, indicating precise locations of spare parts, necessary part numbers, and descriptions of consumable products.

New Coal CRMs

LECO is now offering Coal Certified Reference issues by CANSPEX-™ Material Proficiency Testing program which includes up to 132 coal testing laboratories.

New Nickel Boats for TruMac N/CN instruments

Lower cost alternative to the use of ceramic boat and disposable nickel liner when analyzing an aqueous samples.

New Pure Chemical Standard

Pure chemical BBOT (C26H26N2OS) standard is ideal for use in calibrating organic combustion CHN instruments

LECO consumables are manufactured to our standards to provide the best results for your instrument. To get full overview of consumables supply for organic elemental analyzers, download the complete catalogue.
For questions regarding item availability, pricing send us an inquiry.


LECO offers a unique line of reference materials and standards designed to give your LECO instrumentation the best possible performance and results. Here below listed some most popular. Send us an inquiry for any additional information.

Part No.DescriptionMaterialSCHNAsh %FC %VM%Hg ppmBTU
501-034CALCIUM CARBONATE (50g)12.01
501-050NICOTINIC ACIDLCRM58.534,0911.37
501-441SUCROSE (50g)42.106,48
501-561-150SOY FLOUR (50g)9.07
501-563-150CORN FLOUR (50g)1.06
501-951Nickel Wire Temperature CalibrationPure
502-209SULFAMETHAZINE (5g)11.4951.695,0620.05
502-211GLYCINE (50g)31.966,7118.68
502-211GLYCINE (50g)31.946,7118.68
502-272CORN GLUTEN (50g)0.98052.407,0811.14
502-274WHEAT FLOUR (50g)0.20445.746,452.68
502-275RYE FLOUR (50g)0.13645.06,361.74
502-276OAT MEAL (50g)0.25345.856,672.77
502-277BARLEY (50g)0.14845.116,391.74
502-278RICE FLOUR (50g)0.09444.466,371.13
502-308SOIL (65g)0.0272.420.200
502-309SOIL (65g)0.13911.890.94
502-405NIST 1632d Hg in coal (50g)
502-496Gold WirePure
502-499BCR 143r MERCURY IN DRY SLUDGE (50g)
502-634UHP Graphite Powder100.0
502-649NIST 2781 MERCURY IN DRY SLUDGE (40g)
502-670LECO 0.50% S COAL (50g)0.5328.52
502-671LECO 1.00% S COAL (50g)1.12013.29
502-672LECO 2.00% S COAL (50g)2.0607.91
502-673LECO 3.00% S COAL (50g)3.2408.67
502-674LECO 4.00% S COAL (50g)4.16010.70
502-675LECO 0.25% S COAL (50g)0.2105.02
502-680LECO PROX PLUS LOW COAL (50g)LCRM0.3781.94,211.169.03(72.6)18.4
502-681LECO PROX PLUS MED. COAL (50g)LCRM1.3677.84,991.459.26(57.2)33.5
502-682LECO PROX PLUS HIGH COAL (50g)LCRM0.71471.44,761.447.93(52.4)39.6(12503) BTU/lb.
502-683LECO PROX PLUS METALLURGICAL COKE (50g)LCRM0.76088.50,11.028.91(90.0)1.10(12632) BTU/lb.
502-684LECO PROX PLUS PETROLEUM COKE (50g)LCRM5.6387.53,821.510.32(85.5)14.2
502-685LECO LOW Hg COAL (50g)1.1600.040
502-686LECO MED. Hg COAL (50g)LCRM4.1600.065
502-687LECO HIGH Hg COAL (50g)2.0600.130
502-831STD QAR CRM Coal 11.570(73.08)4,721.696.99(34.30)0.121(12765) BTU/lb.
502-832STD QAR CRM Coal 20.288(77.05)4,121.1212.29(23.00)0.039(13239) BTU/lb.
502-833STD QAR CRM Coal 30.341(80.97)3,971.0810.88(16.48)0.045(13862) BTU/lb.
502-834STD QAR CRM Coal 40.298(68.45)4,280.9112.51(34.90)0.037(11661) BTU/lb.
502-835STD QAR CRM Coal 50.469(70.05)4,851.7511.08(38.20)0.015(12254) BTU/lb.
502-836STD QAR CRM Coal 63.990(70.18)4,881.2712.57(39.18)0.097(12604) BTU/lb.
502-837STD QAR CRM Coal 73.260(72.64)4,881.369.00(38.43)0.058(12918) BTU/lb.
502-838STD QAR CRM Coal 80.963(80.26)5,171.606.50(33.78)0.067(14337) BTU/lb.
502-839STD QAR CRM Coal 92.030(76.19)5,11.467.72(37.57)0.132(13586) BTU/lb.
502-845STD QAR CRM Coal 100.665(87.33)1,760.8788.02(3.83)0.169(13573) BTU/lb.
502-846STD QAR CRM Coal 110.703(81.94)2,391.0512.19(5.81)0.112(13197) BTU/lb.
502-848STD Residual Fuel Sulfur 0.25% (100mL)0.251
502-849STD Residual Fuel Sulfur 1.0% (100mL)1.000
502-852STD WHITE MINERAL OIL SULFUR, 0.10% (100mL)0.105
502-853STD WHITE MINERAL OIL SULFUR, 1.00% (100mL)0.992
502-854STD WHITE MINERAL OIL SULFUR, 5.00% (100mL)5.000
502-854STD WHITE MINERAL OIL SULFUR, 5.00% (100mL)5.010
502-892Benzoic AcidLCRM11368 BTU/lb.
621-606-245BENZOIC ACID (50, 0.6g tablets)11371 BTU/lb.
502-029SYNTHETIC CARBON (50g)1.00
502-030SYNTHETIC CARBON (50g)4.98
502-085ZINC SULFIDE (50g)33.00
502-318ORE (25g)0.660.19
502-319ORE (25g)0.662.19
502-320ORE (25g)2.252.04
502-630SYNTHETIC CARBON (50g)0.53
502-635High Sulfur Ore Concentrate (25g)45.00.55
502-813FLY ASH (20g)1.321.070.59
502-843FLY ASH (20g)0.2942.40.827


Here you can find different Organic Consumables. Use search function to navigate faster. Send us an inquiry for any additional information.

Part No.DescriptionContentTypeStatusReplaced By
175-590KIT DIAPHRAGM1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
501-062ASSY BOAT PULLER1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
501-241LUB GREASE VACUUM 5.3OZ5.3 oz.628 Series, TruSpec, FP528, SC, CalorimetersActive
501-571CAPSULE COPPER 100BT100628 Series, FP528 Capsules for Volatile Samples (ASTM D5291)Active
501-614SPATULA SAMPLE1628 Series, TruSpec, FP528, SCActive
502-005BRUSH PIPET NYLON .25X 7.51Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
502-007CLEANER TUBE 8MM X 4FT1Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
502-008-DSPLUG TIN 100/BT100628 Series, FP528 Capsules for Volatile Samples (ASTM D5291)Active
502-010DEXTRIN SOLUTION 14.2/GR14.2 gAF700Active
502-023FUNNEL QUICK DISC TUBE1628 Series, TruSpec, FP528, SCActive
502-028TWEEZER 4.75L STNP1628 Series, TruSpec, FP528, SCActive
502-040-100-DSCAPSULE TIN 6MM X 15MM LG 1000/BT1000628 Series, FP528 Capsules and CupsActive
502-051TWEEZER CURVED FINE POINT1628 Series, TruSpec, FP528, SC, CalorimetersActive
502-167-DSCAPSULE TIN 8MM X 20MM 100/BT100628 Series, FP528 Capsules and CupsActive
502-186-100-DSCUP SAMPLE TIN FOIL 1000/BT1000628 Series, FP528 Capsules and CupsActive
502-206CAPSULE SILVER 4MMX3.2MM 1000PK1000TruSpec Micro CHNS/O CapsulesActive
502-213SOLUTION LEAK DETECTION 4OZ4 oz.628 Series, TruSpec, FP528, SCActive
502-293CAPSULE SILVER 4MMX3.2MM 500PK500TruSpec Micro CHNS/O CapsulesActive
502-296FILTER 100/PK100CalorimetersActive
502-338CAPSULE QUIKCAP SMALL 400/PK400628 Series, FP528 Capsules and CupsActive
502-343-DSLINER BOAT NICKEL 100/PK100TruMac SeriesActive
502-382CAPSULE QUIKCAP MEDIUM 400/PK400628 Series, FP528 Capsules and CupsActive
502-397-400-DSCUP SAMPLE TIN LARGE 400/PK400628 Series, FP528 Capsules and CupsActive
502-460WIRE IGNITER FUSE THREAD 5/PK5CalorimetersActive
502-461FUSE THREAD COTTON 10CM 375/PK375CalorimetersActive
502-462FUSE WIRE 10CM LG 375/PK375CalorimetersActive
502-476VIAL CLEAR 10ML 22X46MM 100PK100Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
502-477CAP SCREW TIN 100PK100Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
502-489CRUCIBLE POROUS MICRO 10PK10TruSpec Micro CHNS/O CruciblesActive
502-810CAPSULE QUIKCAP LARGE 400/PK400628 Series, FP528 Capsules and CupsActive
502-825CAPSULE TIN LARGE 9.05 X 21MM 50/BX50628 Series, FP528 Capsules and CupsActive
503-032SCOOP GLASS ACCELERATOR 1GM1144, 632 Series, 628S, FPActive
528-203-250BOAT CRUCIBLE ZIR 250/PK250632 Series, 628 S , TruMac SeriesActive
529-203BOAT COMBUSTION ZP P 100PK100632 Series, 628 S, TruMac SeriesActive
529-204BOAT COMBUSTION ZP P 50PK50144 SeriesActive
529-204-250BOAT COMBUSTION ZP P 250PK250144 SeriesActive
589-551O-RING 118 .875X 1.061X.093N1628 Series, TruSpec, FP528Active
601-390TUBE QUICK DISC .590X.875 6PY1628 Series, FP528Active
601-442O-RING 113 .562X .748X.093V1628 Series, TruSpec , FP528, TruMac SeriesActive
601-504O-RING 147 2.687X 2.873X.093V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
601-505O-RING 201 .187X .437X.125S1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
601-684O-RING 124 1.250X 1.436X.093V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
601-939O-RING SPL .187X .287X.050V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
601-963CAPSULE TIN 3.5X4X.1MM 54MG 1000PK1000TruSpec Micro CHNS/O CapsulesActive
601-964PLIER JAW .062X.875X 5.001628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
601-980BOTTLE 250 ML RD LDPE WASH1CalorimetersActive
601-981BRUSH WIRE CLNG .12X 1.0 SST1Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
601-982SPATULA MICRO 3MMX 158MM1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
603-350TOOL O-RING INSTALLATION STEM DOSER1Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
604-373SAMPLE HOLDER CUP SMALL1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
604-378TWEEZER CURVED SST 3.91628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
604-398SLEEVE CAPSULE1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
604-493HOLDER FOIL1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
606-026CRUCIBLE GRAPHITE 10/PK10TruSpec Micro CHNS/O CruciblesActive
606-308STOP CERAMIC STEPPED1632 Series, 628 S, TruMac SeriesActive
606-309TUBE COMBUSTION OUTER1632 Series, 628 SActive
606-313TUBE COMBUSTION INNER1632 Series, 628 SActive
606-316ASSY ADAPTER1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
606-319WIRE AL BRAID 6.501144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
606-320CLAMP HEATING ELEMENT BRAID1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
606-327TUBE BOROS REAGENT 1.38OD 7.01144 SeriesActive
606-333O-RING 009 .220X .344X.062A1632 Series, 628 SActive
606-403ASSY BRUSH COLLECTION TUBE1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
606-560ASSY TRAY CRUCIBLE1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
606-563LINER TRAY1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
606-601ELEMENT HEATING SPIRAL 4/SETset of 4144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
608-065LANCE GRAPHITE1TruSpec Micro OActive
608-089O-RING 113 .562X .748X.093A1TruMac Series, TruSpec Micro OActive
608-090O-RING 212 .875X 1.125X.187A1TruSpec Micro OActive
608-091O-RING 220 1.375X 1.749X.187S1TruSpec Micro OActive
608-093O-RING 314 .750X 1.312X.281S1TruSpec Micro OActive
608-130TUBE QUICK DISC .95ODX111TruSpec Micro OActive
608-135ASSY TOOL EXTRACTOR COMB TUBE1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
608-624O-RING 229 2.375X 2.625X.125V1AC500Active
608-671FILTER IN-LINE 149MICRON PLSTC1CalorimetersActive
608-750O-RING SPL 5.250X 6.250X.500C1AC500Active
609-170-110KIT QUIK CAP1Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
611-476O-RING 326 1.625X 1.999X.187A1632 Series, 628 S, TruMac SeriesActive
611-477O-RING 330 2.125X 2.499X.187A1632 Series, 628 S, TruMac SeriesActive
611-543O-RING 003 .056X .171X.060V1AC600Active
611-844SPATULA FLAT SPOON SST1Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
612-340O-RING 126 1.375X 1.561X.093V1628 Series, TruSpec , FP528, TruMac SeriesActive
613-563WIRE ASSY BRAID W/CLIP 6.00 LG1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
613-564TOOL EXPANSION FOR T-CLAMP1144, 632 Series, 628 S, AF700Active
614-822-102BOAT NICKEL SMALL1AMA254Active
614-822-103-DSBEAM BOAT SST PAIR1AMA254Active
614-822-104-DSSPOILER SST1AMA254Active
614-822-114BOAT NICKEL LARGE1AMA254Active
614-822-117-DSO-RING SILICONE1AMA254Active
614-822-129-DSVALVE OXYGEN NEEDLE1AMA254Active
614-822-190-DSLAMP MERCURY W/HOLDER1AMA254Replaced614-822-279-DS
614-961-110CRUCIBLE POROUS FP-528 10/PK10628 Series, FP528, TruSpecActive
614-962TUBE LANCE U 4.75 QUARTZ1628 Series, FP528Active
616-012FLANGE FRONT1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
616-013FLANGE COMPRESSION1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
616-051TUBE PURGE SC-144DR1144 SeriesActive
616-063ASSY PULLER BOAT1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
616-068O-RING 322 1.225X 1.267X.021A1144 SeriesActive
616-070TUBE COMBUSTION INNER 1.13ID1144 SeriesActive
616-086STOP CERAMIC STEPPED1144 SeriesActive
616-089TUBE COMBUSTION OUTER 1.75ID1144 SeriesActive
616-108TUBE COMBUSTION FURNACE U QTZ1628 Series, FP528Active
616-138O-RING 221 1.437X 1.687X.125S1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
616-146TUBE LANCE U QUARTZ1628 Series, FP528Active
616-152ASSY TOOL CRUCIBLE EXTRACTOR1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
616-310ASSY ATTACHMENT VACUUM CLEANER1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
616-504FILTER TUBE .01 MICRON1AF700Active
617-136O-RING 107 .206X .392X.093V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
617-605CRUCIBLE AL POROUS LIQ SAMP10P10628 Series, FP528 CruciblesActive
619-065TUBE U FURNACE DUAL1628 Series, FP528Active
619-154TUBE CATALYST HEATER1628 Series, FP528, TruMac SeriesActive
619-180-110KIT CAROUSEL STACKBL 30P1 KitNitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
619-192O-RING 035 2.250X 2.374X .062V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
619-268TUBE REAGENT STRAIGHT1628 Series, FP528, TruMac SeriesActive
619-316TUBE GLASS FILTER 2X1628 Series, FP528, AF700Active
619-377ASSY PLATE BYPASS1Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
619-380ASSY VACUUM HOT HEAD1Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
619-455TUBE REAGENT LONG1632 Series, 628 S, TruMac SeriesActive
619-591-699FILTER IN-LINE 0.1 MICRON DISPOSABLE1Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
619-774ASSY TUBE LANCE MICRO1TruSpec Micro OActive
619-777TUBE MIDDLE DIRECTING1TruSpec Micro OActive
621-265ASSY BRUSH CLEANING AC1CalorimetersActive
621-322ASSY PRESS PELLET SAMPLE AC1CalorimetersActive
621-361ROD QTZ .590 DIA X .501 LG 5.0GR1TGA701Active
621-605-517ASSY TOOL REMOVAL INSERT VESSEL AC1CalorimetersActive
621-605-560O-RING 225 1.859X 2.137X.139V MIL-SPEC1AC600Active
621-605-664O-RING 103 .093X .281X .093V1AC600Active
621-605-744ADAPTER FLUSH VALVE STATION PREP1CalorimetersActive
621-605-750KIT TOOL VESSEL COMBUSTION AC6001CalorimetersActive
621-605-777KIT CONVERSION VESSEL FUSE WIRE1CalorimetersActive
621-605-973SEAL INSERT EXHAUST .34 DIA1AC600Active
621-657FILTER CARTRIDGE 1 MICRON1CalorimetersActive
622-001-026TUBE FILTER QUICK DISCONNECT1628 Series, FP528Active
622-001-754SEPTA 9MM THERMOLITE1Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
625-067-120KIT REPL 6 ELEMENT HEATING 50A1 Kit144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
625-401-301O-RING 006 .114X .184X.070A1632 Series, 628 SActive
625-401-302O-RING 107 .206X .309X.103A1632 Series, 628 SActive
625-401-351TUBE LANCE SC632 LOADER 9.701632 Series, 628 SActive
625-401-352TUBE LANCE SC632 9.581632 Series, 628 SActive
625-401-360TUBE MULLITE MACHINED1TruSpec Micro OActive
625-501-149O-RING 332 2.375X2.750X.187A1AF700Active
625-501-161O-RING 334 2.625X 2.999X.187A1AF700Active
625-501-284O-RING 224 1.750X 2.00 X.125A1AF700Active
625-501-328KIT REPL 6 ELEMENT HEATING AF7001 KitAF700Active
625-501-361KIT REPL TUBE FURNACE AF7001 KitAF700Active
625-501-391TUBE MULLITE 2.273X 2.500 X 22.21AF700Active
625-501-430O-RING 202 .250X .500X.125A1AF700Active
625-501-431KEY BYPASS/OVERRIDE SOL AZM1701AF700Active
625-501-471PIN STOP TRAY CONE SAMPLE1AF700Active
625-501-662TRAY CONE 6/5 PLC DUAL SIDED 100/PK10AF700Active
625-505-430BOAT COMBUSTION NICKEL 50/PK50TruMac SeriesActive
625-511-154CRUCIBLE POROUS MICRO LOWER 5/PK5TruSpec Micro CHNS/O CruciblesActive
625-601-554TUBE COMBUSTION OUTER1TruMac SeriesActive
625-601-555TUBE COMBUSTION INNER1TruMac SeriesActive
625-602-187TUBE LANCE FURN 3-1 11.501TruMac SeriesActive
625-602-297O-RING 006 .125X .250X .063V1628 Series, TruSpec, FP528, TruMacActive
625-602-319SEAL U-CUP 2.375X3.00X.312 V 601TruMac SeriesActive
625-602-470C-FLEX ASSY1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
625-602-539ASSY TUBE BOROS REAGENT 1.38OD 7.01TruMac SeriesActive
633-101-441THERMOCOUPLE TYPE B 11.0 LG SHLD1AF700Active
633-101-923ASSY STAND VESSEL COMBUSTION1CalorimetersActive
633-101-990TUBE MULLITE .125X .250X 15.01AF700Active
633-101-997TUBE ALUMINA 2.250X 2.500X 22.201AF700Active
633-103-018SEAL RADIAL 108 .437X.250X.141/.151 SST1TruMac SeriesActive
633-103-225ASSY TUBE BOROS FILTER 1.0 X 11.39 W/SLE1628 Series, FP528, TruMac SeriesActive
702-557O-RING 123 1.18X 1.366X .093S1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
760-224O-RING 012 .375X .499X.062V1AC500Active
760-226O-RING 016 .625X .749X.062V1TruMac SeriesActive
760-359O-RING 013 .437X .561X.062V1AC500Active
760-841O-RING 011 .312X .436X.062V1AF700Active
761-929TONG CRUCIBLE1144, 632 Series, 628 S, TGA, AF700Active
762-515TOOL O-RING REMOVAL1CalorimetersActive
763-379O-RING 031 1.750X 1.874X.062V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528, TruMac SeriesActive
765-976O-RING 208 .625X .875X.125V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528, AF700Active
768-980FILTER TUBE .6 MICRON1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive619-591-699
771-030TUBE QUICK DISC .990D 4.00PY1628 Series, FP528Active
771-407O-RING 115 .687X .873X.093V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
772-269O-RING 006 .125X .249X.062V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
772-520O-RING 108 .250X .436X.093V1144, 632 Series, 628 Serise, TruMac, AF700Active
772-738O-RING 010 .250X .374X.062V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528, AC600Active
772-910O-RING 116 .750X .936X.093N1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528, TruSpec Micro OActive
773-320O-RING 121 1.062X 1.248X.093V1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
773-913O-RING 008 .187X .311X.062V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528, CalorimetersActive
774-204CRUCIBLE SST 10/PK10AC500/AC600Active
774-253O-RING 106 .187X .373X.093V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
774-283O-RING 112 .500X .686X.093V1TruSpec Micro OActive
774-425O-RING 130 1.625X 1.812X.093V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
774-613O-RING 117 .812X .998X.093V1TruMac Series, TruSpec Micro OActive
774-649ASSY BRUSH CLEANING1CalorimetersActive
775-306FILTER SECONDARY 10MICRON1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
775-307SCREW THUMB 10-24X1.00 SST1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
775-601TUBE QUICK DISC .590D 6.00PY1628 Series, FP528Active
775-859BRUSH WIRE CLNG .31X18.0 SS1144, 632 Series, 628 SActive
776-017O-RING 030 1.625X 1.749X.062V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
776-562WASHER FLT .187X .500X.12CER1CalorimetersActive
776-978SCOOP GLASS 1.5 ML1144, 632 Series, 628 S, TGA, CalorimetersActive
778-116O-RING 256 5.750X 6.000X.125B1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
778-120GASKET NEOPRENE 6.31X5.938X.121628 Series, TruSpec, FP528, TruMacActive
778-321ASSY TOOL LANCE EXTRACTOR1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
778-405ASSY BLOCK CAPSULE STORAGE1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
780-831O-RING 017 .687X .811X.062V1628 Series, TruSpec Micro, FP528Active
780-899STOP CERAMIC HONEYC 1.12DX1.501628 Series, FP528 CruciblesActive
783-897O-RING 328 1.875X 2.249X.187A1144 SeriesActive
801-076VALVE CHK DUCKBILL1Nitrogen/Protein DeterminatorsActive
805-481O-RING 143 2.437X 2.623X.093V1TruMac SeriesActive


Here you can find different Reagents/Packing Materials/Accelerators/Combustion Aids. Use search function to navigate faster. Send us an inquiry for any additional information.

Part No.DescriptionContentTypeStatusReplaced By
501-081WOOL GLASS 1LB1 lb.Reagents/Packing MaterialActive
501-170COPPER OXIDE RARE EARTH 50G50 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
501-171-HAZANHYDRONE 10-16 MESH 1/LB1 lb.Reagents/Packing MaterialActive
501-426COM-AID SOLIDS AND POWDER 1/LB1 lb.Accelerators/Combustion AidsActive
501-427COM-AID LIQUIDS 1 LB1 lb.Accelerators/Combustion AidsActive
501-441SAMPLE CALIBRATION CHN 50/GR50 gAccelerators/Combustion AidsActive
501-609-HAZREAGENT FURNACE 100G100 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
501-636-HAZVANADIUM PENTOXIDE 250G250 gAccelerators/Combustion AidsActive
502-049REAGENT N CATALYST 50G50 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-174-HAZLECOSORB 20-30 MESH 500G500 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-177WOOL QUARTZ FINE 50G50 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-188ALUMINA OXIDE PELLET 200G200 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-189-DSCOPPER STICKS DEOXIDIZED 100G AMPOULE100 gReagents/Packing MaterialReplaced502-705-DS
502-705-DSCOPPER STICKS DEOXIDIZED 100G AMPOULE100 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-190-DSCOPPER OXIDE WIRE PCS 100G100 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-196POWDER CARBON BLK 40+MESH 10G10 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-226REAGENT SILVER VANADATE 10G10 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-228PAD GRAPHITE 2.25 X 2.251Reagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-283SORBIT 500PK500Reagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-301TUNGSTEN TRIOXIDE 125G125 gAccelerators/Combustion AidsActive
502-310WOOL STEEL #2 1LB1 lb.Reagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-321ACCELERATOR COM-CAT 250G250 gAccelerators/Combustion AidsActive
502-351HALOGEN SCRUBBER 50G50 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-359REAGENT MAGNESIUM OXIDE 200G200 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-644REAGENT FURNACE MICRO TRUSPEC 60G60 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-656COPPER TURNINGS DEGASSED 60G60 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
502-844STICK COPPER DEOXIDIZED 100G100 gReagents/Packing MaterialReplaced502-878
502-878STICK COPPER DEOXIDIZED 100G100 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
608-379STRIP QUARTZ WOOL 15 IN 10/PK10Reagents/Packing MaterialActive
763-265WOOL GLASS .50/LB1/2 lb.Reagents/Packing MaterialActive
769-608-HAZMETAL TRAP ANTIMONY 200/GR200 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive
769-610F-CL ABSRB -8 +20MESH 225/GR225 gReagents/Packing MaterialActive