Service & Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance Agreements

We have designed our instruments to maximize the level of robustness based on the lowest amount of involvement by the operator; however, there are several measures that can be taken to maximize the longevity of the instrument. Mainly, routine maintenance, appropriate sample size, and the use of proper consumables for each application.


Routine checks and maintenance need to be performed regularly on your laboratory instrumentation to keep them in peak operating condition. LECO offers Preventive Maintenance Agreements (PMA) as a smart, convenient way to help you prevent unexpected downtime and associated costs. With LECO PMAs, trained LECO service specialists perform maintenance checks on your instrument (including cleanings and flow-path rebuilds) on a regularly scheduled basis.


A PMA contains one or several maintenance visits. This way you get a fixed price for your maintenance costs. An agreement also gives you a discount on our hourly rates, spare parts and consumables.
You also get priority access to technical support from our skilled service engineers.


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Extended warranty

We also provide an extended warranty for your instruments.
Customers who have taken advantage of these programs have benefited from instruments that are better maintained and have a longer life span.


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